Back to KE.VRE.FO. After the Christmas Holidays

21 January 2023

The Christmas holidays undoubtedly create joy and beautiful memories for children and their families. The “bright” and pleasant atmosphere, however, with the walks, the gifts and the relaxed mood of parents and children, very often gives way to moments of embarrassment and denial about the return to the nursery school.

Useful Instructions

For this reason, it contributes positively when parents are properly prepared to manage this refusal of the child. Be sure to apply the “Guidelines for a Smooth Adjustment to Daycare” as you did when your child started attending it. Additionally, remember:

  • It will help to remind the child of the names of his classmates and the various activities he has done so far. Tell him how happy the teacher will be to meet him.
  • Be understanding if your child says over and over again that he doesn’t want to go to school. Even whining is a non-verbal communication mechanism to express their anxiety and worry. These behaviors may manifest themselves after a few days, but make sure you stay cool.
  • Explain to the child the meaning of the holidays for young and old and reassure them that playtime and walks in the park do not stop because school starts (be sure to keep this promise despite your possibly busy schedule).
  • Each child is unique and has its own rates of development and therefore adaptation. Comparisons with other children and generalizations will not help.

Both parents and children need time to adjust when returning to everyday habits. Give children space and time to express their feelings. You do the same. After all, you are the best example. If you are concerned or concerned for any reason, seek professional help.

Dimitra Houzouri
KE.VRE.FO. Psychologist