Registration Rights

  • In the Children’s and Nursery Centers, toddlers and infants are registered, who, on the date of the start of operation of the center, who complete the required age of accommodation in the respective department and in accordance with the special provisions of article 3 of the Model Regulations for the Operation of Municipal Children’s and Nursery Centers (Government Gazette 4249 /B΄/5-12-2017).
  • During registration, the children of working parents are selected and must be citizens or residents of N. Ionia or work in N. Ionia. For the registration of children at the station, priority will be given to children from the area where the station is located, not excluding the case of registering a child who lives in another area of ​​the Municipality and this either because the station does not operate in the area, or because the child’s parents they are better served by the station due to the proximity of their work.
  • The case of registering a child who lives in a bordering area is only possible if there is a vacancy.
  • The Board of of KEVREFO reserves the right to forward for review and further investigation any application deemed appropriate, addressed to competent services.
  • The Board of KEVREFO can decide to reduce, exempt and redefine scholarships, after examining the application, by the special re-evaluation committee, whose decision must be fully presumed.
  • The payment of the monthly financial contribution is mandatory and concerns the entire period (from September to July) during which the toddler/infant is registered in the Children’s and Infant Centers of the KEVREFO regardless of any presences or absences thereof.
  • Non-payment of the contributions without supporting documents constitutes a reason for the deletion of the infant/toddler.
  • In case of deletion, the financial participation paid is not returned. The obligation to pay school fees ceases following a request for cancellation by the parent-guardian submitted to KEVREFO.
  • A re-registration application will not be accepted when there is a debt of tuition fees from the previous school year.

Hosting Termination

1. The interruption of the accommodation of children from the municipal Children’s, Infant and Nursery Centers is always acted upon by a decision of the Board of Directors of the legal entity:
a) When the parents or guardians of the children request it with their application.
b) When serious problems appear in the children’s behavior or health that cannot be treated by the Station, after prior communication with the parents and after the opinion of a specialist doctor.
c) When consistently and despite the relevant written notices to the parents of the children, they do not comply with the program and the operating conditions of the Station.
d) When the children are unexcusedly absent from the Station for more than 30 consecutive days, and if the parents have been notified in writing, before the above deadline has passed.

2. In the event of interruption of hosting, the place is mandatorily filled by the first runner-up child, who is in the same age group as the one who has been deleted, and if there is none, the procedure for scoring overdue applications is followed. The whole process is completed within a month of the decision being made.


Please first find out about the registration conditions of your child at KEVREFO.