Important Medical Update

21 January 2023

Dear Parents,

recently there has been an increased morbidity in children, as there is an outbreak of common seasonal viruses, the Flu and also Covid-19. Special attention is needed for their early diagnosis and their further treatment.

In an effort to ensure the smooth operation of daycare centers and limit the spread of viruses, it is a good idea to consistently follow the instructions below that have already been given to you.

Medical Instructions

1) Education and observance of hygiene rules inside and outside daycare centers to limit the appearance and spread of viruses etc.).

2) Temperature measurement of children before leaving home is recommended.

3) Children who have a fever, even mild fever movement, as well as other symptoms such as cough, difficulty breathing, severe runny nose, myalgias, chills, headache, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.) should not come to the daycare center.

4) Immediate contact with a doctor is recommended to evaluate the incident and if the student shows symptoms compatible with a contagious infection, he should stay home until he is fully recovered. If the symptoms are compatible with the disease COVID-19 or the Flu, it is advisable to carry out diagnostic tests and in any case inform the daycare center.

The child returns to the nursery once the symptoms have subsided and after 1 24 hours have passed since the fever has completely subsided.

In any other case, a certificate from a pediatrician is needed.

On occasion and depending on the child’s symptoms, a pediatrician’s certificate can also be requested from the daycare center.

5) With a temperature of 37.5 and above, the child will leave the station.
The same will apply to children who show any severe symptoms during their presence in the nursery. Parents will be asked to take them immediately and follow the above instructions.

6) If a child is a confirmed case of COVID-19, he remains in home isolation for 5 days and returns as long as he is fever-free and asymptomatic for at least 1 24 hours.

7) Parents/guardians with symptoms of COVID-19 infection or any other active infection are not allowed to accompany the children to the daycare and in case their infection is confirmed, they should monitor their child daily for possible symptoms. It would be good for them to inform the Station immediately and if possible keep their children at home for a few days as a precaution.

The pediatrician
Geladaki Rania